What Is Raw Food?

Raw food offers a varied and delicious diet, it stimulates the senses and keeps us fit and healthy. A 100% raw food diet can be vegan, vegetarian or omnivore. Crucial is that the food does not undergo any heat-treating. Often a dehydrating device is used. When using a dehydrating device temperature never rises above 40°. Thus, important nutritive substances and minerals are fully preserved.

Raw food represents a very natural form of diet and offers perfect conditions for the stimulation of self-healing powers, the regeneration of the body and body weight control. Raw food does not stand for abstinence or deficit, but rather stands for indulgence, happiness and health.


What types of raw food are there?

I personally prefer the vegan type of raw food. It includes fruits and vegetables, every type of eatable green leaves, herbs, especially wild herbs, avocados, olives, oil, nuts, seeds and mushrooms. With regard to vegan raw food chlorophyll which is preliminary found in leafy vegetables forms the core basis of a working and pure raw food diet – also to cover the need for proteins.
The vegetarian raw food can furthermore include ray milk cheese and other raw milk products of all kinds as well as eggs.
Animal products (fish, salmon, tuna, herring, Bismarck herring) and ham, carpaccio, tatar and other raw types of meat (e.g. Instincto Therapy) are part of the non-vegetarian raw food diet.
Instincto Therapy by Claude Burger, is possible either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Following our instincts, everything that is in its natural state and smells and tastes delicious can be eaten. Meals cannot be mixed and all natural and non-processed kinds of food are allowed.
Everybody has to take his/her individual decision, which type of raw food fits best to his/her needs. Due to various reasons however, I personally recommend the vegan raw food.


What are the benefits of raw food?

Many diseases of modern society have their origin, amongst others, in the traditional way of nutrition including cooked and extremely processed food. This form of food preparation largely destroys and washes out vitamins, mineral nutrients and secondary plant compounds. Thus, food contains only few vital substances and is almost dead.
In case of the raw food diet, food is not subject to these influences. Therefore, the full nutritional value and the unique energy of the food are preserved. At the same time, the body does not absorb reaction products which evolve in the heating process of food. E.g. acrylamide which is considered a carcinogenic substance.
Through a dietary change to raw food it is, depending on the initial situation, possible to influence self-healing powers positively in just a few weeks. In the long run, good results can be achieved in case of diabetes, allergies, gout and gastrointestinal problems. Furthermore, raw food offers the possibility to achieve notable improvements even in the course of treating many other diseases.